Stitches from the heart of jules

I’ve taken up embroidery, and these are the pros and cons:


This is an art form which is so easy to transport.

It fits inside my handbag.

I can pick it up or put it away within seconds.

It will not make my clothing dirty.

There is no drying time.

I can choose my favourite (usually bold) colours.

I can learn and experiment.

It doesn’t matter if your hands are a little shakey.

If I don’t like it I can undo it and start over.

I can day dream while I do it.

It’s affordable.

There are so many things to do with the end result.


Thread isn’t as realistic as ink or paint can be (although realism is overrated).

It is an art form that is not taken as seriously as traditional media (maybe because mainly women have done it?)

I honestly can’t think of any more cons.