We have a winner (two winners actually)!


Can you believe, I had a Kitty Hawk moment when I sold my first ever product at the craft market on December 4th, 2021.  It was sooooo exciting. Thank you to the lovely Donna, who purchased one of my DIY kits.  You are my first customer ever!

But what was more exciting was that I ran a little competition to see which of my finished pre-printed samplers are the most popular.  I also offered a full kit for a 6 inch hoop for my inaugural design, I wish you every happiness, to the voter whose slip of paper I drew.  The winner is announced in the video above.

I’ve decided that I love giving things away.  Actually, according to the love languages book, I resonate with acts of service and gift giving, so what better act of service than to create a design to give away, and even better, to create a design in a kit to give away that a person stitches, thereby creating a gift for someone whom they give it away to!  Or if someone gifts the kit to someone and they stitch the embroidery and give that away … how wonderful!

So look out for me at the next Trio Craft Market (at St Ambrose Church, Breezes Rd, Aranui, Christchurch) at twilight on December 17, vote on my designs (different ones next time) and go in the draw to win a kit worth $60.

In case you are wondering, the finished hoop which was voted on by the people who came to the December 4 craft market is Put Your Best Foot Forward (good advice for us all).


I’m on a roll!

So I went to another craft market (the final one for the year) and had another voting area.  I put a few different designs in, some from my DIY kits and others which were pre-printed samplers.

Here is the video announcing the design winners – wait for the surprise – and also the lady who won the kit.

I love giving presents so it was so fun to take them gift-wrapped and give them both to each lady just before Christmas.